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Chain Reaction Studios is a creative digital agency offering video production, commercial photography, website design & development and graphic design services.
video, videography, film, photography, photos, website design/development, graphic design
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we want to hear from you

(800) 277-0902


Office Address
218 North Main Street
Monroe, NC 28112


Mailing Address
PO Box 157
Monroe, NC 28111-0157


Chain Reaction Studios is located on the second floor of the historic English Drug Building in downtown Monroe, North Carolina.  The building was constructed in 1876 and we can’t get enough of the old-world charm and character.


This is one of many buildings constructed by Monroe businessman and developer John D. Stewart who erected this building for use as rental property. From 1883 to the late 1920’s, the first floor contained the English Drug Company, which housed a pharmaceutical drug company, as well as, being a substantial country store supplier.